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The Chinese New Year…
7 February, 2008, 7:41 pm
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There’s no other way to call it isn’t? Lunar new year doesn’t seem to justify it. It is also the start of a whole new cycle of the zodiac… I know… Cause I am the last in the race boar… And my sister’s a RAT! Cunning and ever squirmy rat! 😀

It’s also the first time in memory that I’m not spending time with my family over this period of time. I would usually lazily wake up to my father’s heavy footsteps, knocks and bangs. It being one of his few times in a year where he actually stays home in the mornings. Then I would most probably take a shower and slip into most probably again, new clothes.

We never got angpows from our parents. They never told us why, and honestly, seeing all their sacrifices all year long, my sister and I never really asked. Most of my school friends boasted about how their parents’ angpows are the biggest and I would keep silent, knowing very well my biggest angpow would most probably come from one or some of my father’s business associates.

While waiting for Mom and Sis, I would usually dig into a huge plate of ‘nien gao‘ (sticky sweet gelatinous brown pudding thing) freshly battered in egg on the kitchen table. Compulsory of course is the food cover which keeps away the flies. This year, devoid of nien gao, I woke up to waiting at a bright sunny bus stop for a bus that only merely had enough standing room.

On years gone by, after the nien gao devouring session, consisting of digging the soft cake out of the crevices of our teeth and off the roof of my mouth, we usually then head towards my maternal family’s HQ where all 12 of my grandfather’s brothers and sisters will gather. Is it 12? I’m not sure, I just know its an incredibly ‘healthy’ number. My mom is older than her youngest uncle. So go figure…

Anyway, drunken with the chicken and pigs trotters, filled to the brim with Yeo’s chrysanthemum tea we would probably then go somewhere ‘happening’ (e.g. some big shot’s open house and/or the golf club) and finish it off with a light dinner and more Chinese New Year television…

Unless other things pop up, where we have to ‘show face’ to open houses, the rest of the holidays are usually spent at home or me with my friends… Angpow hunting… I think we once did like 8 houses on one day. Believe you me, it’s pretty hard to remain enthusiastic for your 15th mandarin of the day…

Ah well… I guess growing up you leave behind ‘childish’ things like these but I believe I would go far by carrying on these traditions. My parents really hate all these customs but they do it anyway, dragging our big lazy fat arses together with them, out of respect or out of routine, which one stronger, I don’t know.

But I guess it’s hard coming from an Asian family where conversation usually just revolves around food and/or reprimand. But most families are like that isn’t it? There’s always that feeling that these are people you rarely know yet you are bound by the one thing which is worth being bound by… blood.

Amazing when you think about it…

God bless!


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happy chinese new year…

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