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Of Saturday Brunches…
9 February, 2008, 11:25 pm
Filed under: Food

So Saturday is the only day in the week where I wake up and think of actually getting coffee (for leisure), orange juice and a hearty breakfast… Couple that with a top of 20degs today and I was all fired up to cook up something I saw in Good Living last week… Bangers and Mash!

It was pretty easy to make… Took a good 30-45 minutes though… The first time I made a gravy from a non-instant form… Well, the beef stock was pretty instant but the onions and sugar and butter and gentle reduction of the stock to a thick, delicious, sweet paste was not…

The mashed potatoes were pretty good as well! I mixed in a healthy chunk of butter and a slice of cheese while mashing… Boiled it with some cloves of garlic too… Oooo! It was delllicccious! lOl (Click here for a variation of recipe!)

Anyway… it didn’t keep me full for long though… Which is OK cause that’s what good food is all about isn’t it? It’s in the taste baby! Pretty good day at work too… Our air-conditioning is finally working really well and we are all extremely happy people I tell ya!

Till next time!
God bless!

P.S. Apparently Baz Luhrmann came in today too. Coolness… Posers please step aside… 😀


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