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Skill Honing…
19 February, 2008, 7:16 pm
Filed under: Canon EOS 400D, Pictures

No, not hoons! Hone… hone… hone…

But what’s wrong with hoons anyway? If boys don’t play with their cars, what else are they supposed to play with? 😛 (I’d better insert a disclaimer here. OK, OK… Hooning is dangerous and it kills humans; not to mention damage property and general well-being of a neighbourhood.)

Anyway… some photographic experiments (with [physical] light and [software] Adobe Lightroom) on my day off… They call the best photographers ‘lighting wizards’…

Played around with this picture taken last year at O-Week. Sydney Uni’s Main Quadrangle flanked by the Uni’s Radio Club. Ah… The carefree pleasures of Uni!

Then as I was lazing on me bed in the heat of the sunlight that it brings, I thought to myself, this muted light could look great in pictures! Thanks to photography magazines which I’ve been consuming these past few days, you just get so inspired and semangat/rajin [motivated, hardworking] you know…

Some digital manipulation in Adobe LightRoom brought out what I thought gave justice to the photo…

And getting even more motivated, my cluttered table is a thing of the past…

Welcome the unclutter! Now for the rest of my life…

God bless!


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