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Gold Coast 2008
24 March, 2008, 6:43 pm
Filed under: Holiday

Just got back from the Gold Coast this week.
Loads of pics and vids but all that can’t physically replace SokLeng…

It’s not fair is it? The agony, the hurt, it feels like my heart is ripping apart and I can’t do anything about it. Nothing. Nothing at all…

It’s this period that kills the most. The period when she’s on the plane and I’m left here, picking up her semi-dried towels, the little things that remind me of her, her lingering scent, her little comments on things askew in my room… Unable to do ANYTHING but to go through everything alone…

Till the tears dry up…

God bless!


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wow… like wats with the drama!?!!

Comment by ndrew10

thanks for your endearing words of encouragement
haha 😛

eh dramala… super the drama ok 😛
pray you’ll never feel these feelings bro 🙂

God bless!

Comment by lomantik

hey, at least the separation is NOT permanent, ok! =)

Comment by cath

hahahaa yah lah snap out of it….. pastoral care is not my strongest gift.

Comment by ndrew10

jump twice (space bar twice)

Comment by marvo

Awww. Been there. But it gets easier. Trust me. =)

Comment by pamsong

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