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On the third day…
26 March, 2008, 9:59 pm
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It’s been a few days now since SokLeng left and things have been going good. I’m packing up my room now so that kinda distracts me from remembering what memories we have in this place but at the same time at the back of my mind, I’m sad that moving out means leaving the said memories behind as well.

It’s like leaving uni or high school when you can never go back again. It’s bordering nostalgic (even before the separation occurs; do you still call it nostalgic?) just thinking about leaving this place. It’s been my home or the past year and a half, saving me tons on rent money and bills. But alas, the honey stops flowing.

This bee however still needs to find a hive. Nat and Ash are putting me up for two weeks and I pray, pray, pray that I get a place to stay by then. I’m gonna shove all my belongings into storage and see how we go from there. But I have an inkling they’re gonna charge me a premium price. Just an inkling…

Anyway, so yeah, I’ve got a few job interviews lined up as well so to those who wanna know, I am going to make use of my Masters; other than to decorate my room. 😛

Anyway, fun and jokes aside it’s been a trying week; going back to work and all fresh from an awesome holiday and having to deal with a lot of issues (stated and non-stated in this blog alike) but its awesome to know that there are people out there who care enough to act… Even send a simple SMS… 😀

And I think my Dad reads my blog… 😛

God bless!


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awwwww everybody loves klo!!!

Comment by ndrew10

klo…long time no seeee

Comment by esther

huh..why u say that?
haiz….so sad

Comment by Ashley

storage charge me la, Ash. Storage, not you la haha 😛

Comment by K.Lo

eh u year and a half.. me 5 years…
father 37 years!!!!!
haiz…. so sad

Comment by marvo

yeahla, true that…
no wonder u wanna take pix keke

i might take a few too? c howla… lOlz…

Comment by K.Lo

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