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Something clicked…
12 April, 2008, 12:09 am
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There’s too much going on in my mind right now that blogging doesn’t seem to do it justice. It’s become a sorta place where I’m protecting myself and readers alike on what really goes on in my mind. It’s pretty sad; I guess cause the first rule of honest blogging/journalism/publishing is saying what you really mean.

But not knowing (for sure) who reads your blog has put the reins on my fingers on this keyboard. But having said that however, I’m pretty much making a conscious decision to say whatever I deem appropriate in this blog…

Anyway, my new place is proving pretty comfortable. It’s great being able to get furniture that will actually look good (not to mention fit) in your room. There’s just so much more customability I guess. But having housemates of course is another thing I’ve forgotten about. You get annoyed, frustrated, angry sometimes but other times you relish in their presence and just simply have a good ol’ time.

Ah well…

Maybe I’ll put up pictures of my ‘new’ place… We’ll see how it goes… Hehe

Two random facts of the day…
1. My current favourite song is With You by Chris Brown.
2. They sang ‘Shout To The Lord’ on American Idol this week apparently.

God bless!


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hi kevin, i think i can get what u mean about “honest blogging”. i used to share my personal thoughts in my blog. but few months ago, i found myself deleting some of my previous entries. maybe i find it “safer” not to blog about things that are too personal. i know it defeats the very purpose of blogging. but hey, who knows, my parents may stumble into my blog! brrrr..

Comment by cath

oooo haha my thoughts exactly…

especially if future employers stumble upon ur blog…

hehe 🙂
God bless!

Comment by K.Lo


Comment by ali

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