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Random People I Meet…
3 May, 2008, 1:22 pm
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OK, so if you know me personally, you would know where I work and if you had the time, tenacity and continuation you could guess by reading previous posts.

Anyway, these are a few random people I met over the week…

1. Fashion week models from Czechoslovakia, Denmark and Sweden. One of them appeared in the newspaper and another on the website. The thing with them is they are extremely nice people. Not to mention lonely in a foreign country. But another thing is that when models appear on the newspaper or anywhere else, they are but unnamed. I don’t know what the payrate is for a model but I don’t know what all the hype is all about neither with being a model. Yes, they are blessed with good looks, height and a photogenic face; but glamour isn’t that glamorous when no-one knows your name or who you are. There are of course the species that is the supermodel but how many supermodels can your average Joe name? Let me try… Tyra Banks… mmm… The girl with the anger problem; what’s her name again? Oh I give up… 😛

2. Dancers onboard a cruise ship from England. They all had the same accent. No, I can pick out slight differences in English accents but they ALL seem to have the same exact accent. Which leads me to believe they were all gathered from the same town or they have spent too much time with each other on the bloody ship. Anyhoo, imagine being a dancer/waiter/waitress/bartender onboard a ship. Where can you go to ‘escape from it all’? You can’t really pose as a customer can you? So you just mull around the ship’s shops and restaurants flashing your employee discount card? But hey, that’s a great way to go on a cruise isn’t it? Hmm… I don’t know; it seems to be a big industry but the feeling of being trapped on a ship, albeit a very big one, is rather too unsettling for me.

3. A German girl who just got back from Ghana. She was a rather big girl with a soft demeanour, dressed in a pale brown cardigan with slightly separate front teeth. It wasn’t busy so I got to chatting; turns out she just got back from building or helping out in an orphanage in Ghana. She was still wearing a necklace with a small piece of wood traced to the outline of Africa dangling from the chain. With Zimbabwe and Mugabe in the headlines so much these days, I am but curious. It turns out she got malaria and had to go back to Germany before coming to Australia for a working holiday.

“I spent all my money on coming here to Australia. I dizn’t know it vould be dis cold”, she said. “I left all my warm clothing in Africa. The children needed them more.”

I nearly couldn’t stop the tears forming in my eyes.
Isn’t this being human… being alive… being real… being caring… being loving… is. all. about.

Of the three (types) people I’ve encountered this week… Only one leaves a tattoo on my heart…

God bless!


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HAHAHA. Good one. =p

Continuation. Wakakaka.

Comment by pamsong

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