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8 May, 2008, 6:20 pm
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I’ve got this song running in my head right now. Vanessa Amorosi’s “Perfect“.

Sing along to the YouTube video…

Most perfectionists are people pleasers I realise. Its unhelpable, they need to be perfect; and they need people to know they’re perfect. Perfect people can’t stand imperfect people or people who don’t care if they’re perfect or not.

My sister labels me a disappointed perfectionist few years back (must be 8-10 years ago now). Her words still stick to me like a deer caught in a spring-trap. I’m not like living in the past or anything like that but I always wonder what was I so disappointed about in the first place? Sure there are a few things in my life here and there which are not perfect. And nobody is really. But we can strive for perfection and excellence isn’t it?

I think the words, “if you do this, it will make it perfect” entering a perfectionists’ ears is, for them, like biting into a sandwich made up of freshly baked bread coated with a hint of honey, cheese, butter, soft ham coupled with a spoonful of Milo.

But perfectionists can never be happy. Well, at least they try. Stirring the soup 7 times clockwise and 7 times anti-clockwise just makes the soup all gurgly till the next stir isn’t it? Maybe that’s how I got disappointed! Why isn’t nature all straight lines and predictable? Why has it gotta be so randomized? Can I be perfectly randomized then? Orderly chaos as my friend once put it…

Gah. Blah and jah!

God bless!


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dun think perfectionists are people pleasers. the true perfectionist dun bother what others think of them.

Comment by thereflector

ahhh… maybe just maybe… šŸ˜‰

Comment by K.Lo

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