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Mid-Week Break
14 May, 2008, 6:04 pm
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In my effort to keep myself disciplined in writing and continuously thinking of fresh ideas and new words to use, I present to you yet another blog entry. Nothing much has been happening though; spent the day waking up to a late breakfast and taking a walk around Newtown. Nothing much has changed too in this little suburb. Besides Maple moving to a place with a higher ceiling, finally accurately reflecting its prices.

I saw another senior citizen today trudging through the streets of Newtown. I just wanted to give her a great big hug, ask her to tell me about her life story and call her every weekend. But alas… she is but a stranger… Ah well…

Found out too that pretty much everything you want to learn about Photoshop is online already. At least basic commands… This is what I came up with today with JC’s lunch…

Do you see it accompanying a cooking recipe in a glossy magazine? Heh…
Anyway… Hopes of more to come…

God bless!


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Comment by Randy

sorry ah .. KLO .. but .. that image actually .. doesn’t look very appetizing .. and .. nope .. don’t see it on a recipe book. Sorry. :p

HAha .. I’m so evil. Here’s a taste of your own australian frankness!!! :p

Man, I’m so evil man ..

Comment by bigboyalready

lOl its cool man…

however, if u care to re-check; all my so-called ‘australian frankness’ included methods to improve you… 😀

so its ok brother… 😀
God bless!

Comment by K.Lo

Ah .. okay okay .. I have some!

1. The DOF is good, but the background is too busy
2. Subject isn’t well lit
3. Colour’s are not vivid
4. The steak is overshadowed by everything else ..

Maybe if you shot it closer .. with the .. steak in the center .. and the rest kinda pushed aside .. then .. it’d represent the dish better ..

How how?

Comment by bigboyalready

And what’s with the edges man??

Comment by bigboyalready


icic… no, its supposed to look like that… jagged, edgy, Saw3 Saw4 kinda feel… hehe urban, emo, rockish feel… throw in a little of 60s/70s feel… u know?

now does it make sense? kekeke 😀

thanx for the input though! really appreciate it!

Comment by K.Lo

its abit too dark to go into say a Donna Hay magazine… not enough light, colours and textures on the food.

Comment by Andrew T

true that… guess the digi-manipulation was placed on the wrong subject 😉

Comment by K.Lo


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