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Iron Man: A Review
17 May, 2008, 11:08 am
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So finally got to watch Iron Man last Tuesday. I had pretty high expectations for the movie, just cause practically everyone who has had the opportunity to let it grace their eyes have had stark raving mad reviews about it. You know its that good when a member of the opposite gender says you should go watch an action movie.

Marvel movies are almost always good… We had SuperMan, Spiderman, Incredible Hulk, Batman… I think there’s just something about transforming a comic on to the screen that makes movie-goers go all ooh-ahh. Not to mention that Generation Y-ers grew up with these superheroes ingrained in their brains. And in essence, the target audience most likely to download go to the movies.

Anyway, the movie lived up to my expectations but it could do with a bit more. The plot was pretty thin and the props rather shallow as well. The important bits, the suit, the cars, the characters, the military base were all OK but they just lacked a certain depth to it… Like they could have added something in the bokeh to you know liven up the experience for a 2nd time viewer or just things for border ADHDs like me to pick up on… But instead it just forces you to concentrate on what’s in focus.

Gwyneth Paltrow is good as usual. She kinda reminded me of Pam in “The Office”. But she doesn’t need to do much in movies; just be there really. Robert Downey Jr. was good as well; his personal struggles may have helped him to portray that conflicting dilemma Iron Man had; or rather didn’t have.

Ah well… All in all, a good watch nonetheless. Watch it for the action, for the graphics, for the borderline reality of the future and most of all… Watch it for the Audi R8…

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hey lo just let you know on the topic of bokehs, one of the pics that you helped me take has gone up in the living room. haha. anyway, watch speed racer.

Comment by S.L

haha really ah? how big is it blown up to? good to know i was useful haha which one was it la? the b/ground with the metal thingies and grass wan ah?

Speed racer ar? hmmm… ok… soon soon… keke

Comment by K.Lo

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