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Snippets from the past few days…
17 May, 2008, 10:45 am
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So our super-fast home ADSL2+ broadband connection to the cyberworld is all but… shaped. Do you know what shaped means? It means you are relegated to having dial-up speeds whilst paying for broadband prices. While not being a new concept to me, I struggle to understand why this happens here. So are many things… Like we only have two big supermarkets here. They can price gauge all they want, collude all they want and all the government will do is to launch ‘inquiries’ to appease the public ‘outcry’.

Politicians in suits and bright floral ties trying to carve their names into history. I feel very frustrated sometimes. If only they/we/it had more people… If only illegal immigrants would be allowed in; they do not need proper housing, don’t need proper healthcare, don’t need proper wages… Gah… That’s too inhumane but.

So what do we do? Procreate I say! With procreation comes a bigger population and with that more things to do and buy and more things to see online and with that MORE money for broadband providers. More broadband providers means they actually have some bloody competition and cheaper prices and for all of humanity’s sake… NO MORE SHAPING!!!

Things that appease my frustration during this time of slow-motion clicking…
1. Improving my Photoshop Skillz
2. Reading things like this merger. (Homage to Westpac and St. George; they are merging!!! Instead of more competitors, they go on and merge! Wat la! Dumb right? Argggh!)
3. Having the “Music and Lyricssong stuck in my head. And then reading about this lame NKOTB comeback
4. Reading about my childhood idol’s daily struggles after retirement… I heart Mahathir!

God bless!


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You watched it already!! Jealues!

Comment by thereflector

watched what?

Iron Man ah? wrong post la u comment teehehe

Comment by K.Lo

So now K.Lo is procreating? Wow, big moves… *hehe*

Comment by E-Dawg

haha no, i say MARRIED couples NEED to procreate… *ahem*

Comment by K.Lo

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