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21: A Review
21 May, 2008, 6:43 pm
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OK, so this week, yours truly visited the silver screens for yet another entertaining time of fun and laughter. I already watched the documentary (Breaking Vegas) about these bunch of MIT students who card-counted to rip off the Vegas casinos and how they would go about it so the movie, 21, for me, was purely for entertainment purposes. However, the movie was based on the semi-factual book (Bringing Down The House) by Ben Mezrich.

The theater was filled with uni students of all shapes, sizes and colours. All seeing themselves as represented in the movie. It is apt though, the majority of the movie didn’t have characters over the age of… 21. Anyway, I was expecting a Ocean’s 13 kind of movie you know, sleek soundtrack, flashy Vegas over-representations, satin cushions, velvet curtains kinda thing but the first few minutes of the show just had really, really bad music and an even crappier wardrobe.

But things started to change after the first half an hour or so… Although the OST was a super letdown… I don’t know if they deliberately did that to reflect the period or what. So if someone has anything new to add to this OST ‘comment’, please do.

All in all, it was an OK movie. I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars. Character development by Jim Sturgess was awesome, Kevin Spacey delivered a sharp performance and the general background noise was just convincing enough. A scene which caught my eye, heart and soul was the opening scene… I think they spent big bucks on those few seconds of bike-riding on the bridge… Look out for it and you will (probably) know what I mean…

But if you really want an insight into how these nerds can actually bring themselves to pretend to be cool in these high-roller, pressure-cooker scenarios, watch the documentary.

God bless!


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