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Drunken Chicken: A Guide
23 May, 2008, 10:14 am
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So as the weather gets colder, my finger, tongue and entire being itches for good hot stuff. Of course, there is none that can deny the goodness of a home-made Drunken Chicken soup/dish… Not to mention you can adjust the amount of wine yourself…

So you need mu yi (Wood Ear fungus), a good bottle of rice wine, ginger and steady hands… Also good to bring someone who knows Chinese when shopping for Chinese-labelled ingredients as the following excerpt will tell you…

Me: Eh, which one ar? I think its this one la… *picks up bottle and turns it to the back to read the Indonesian label*
SteveC: Yeah, its this one…
Me: Wa! You so good ah? How you know? See the colour of the wine then say yes ar?
SteveC: The label says “lau wang ziu”.
Me: O.

Always keep those fingertips curled up. Stuff I remember from “Yan Can Cook”.

Afterburners check. Seatbelts uncheck. And we have liftoff…

And then you stew those little drummettes in the wine/water concoction! We only did like 20 minutes of stewing which was not really enough. RST (recommended stewing time): 1-2 hours!

Dinner is served…

God bless!


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ooohhh….yummy dude

Comment by thereflector

i know i know… haha

thanx brutha!

Comment by K.Lo

Melbourne is freezing. We just had our drunken chicken too at home. Used tonnes of gingers and cut the chicken into smaller pieces. We replaced the “rice wine” with “Cognac”. Lots of them.

Comment by sara

Haha COGNAC! That’s awesome!

No more freezing after that. that’s for sure! 😉

Comment by K.Lo

watsup with the asian cooking galore??!

Comment by Andrew T

maybe its a sign of homesickness… 😛

Comment by K.Lo

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