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Terrific Thursday?
23 May, 2008, 9:45 am
Filed under: Shopping

So, I’ve been scouting for this thing for sometime now and I finally gave in yesterday…

Was looking on eBay (good ol’ eBay) for it and then found this online shop. Called them up, they said they do pick-up and three hours later, I found this sitting on my desk.

It. Is. So. Freaking. Good. (and big! hehe A little 50c coin is at the base for your reference :D)

I regretted I putted it off till so late to acquire. My old monitor was just starting to get blurry after a few hours and Photoshop turned into a muddle of colours after a few hours. Ha… OK, I exagerrate. But for someone as visual as me (well, I can be but I don’t think I’m as visual as some people), the LCD is awesome!

And since it is getting colder as well, I invested in a merino sweater too! $40 off RRP!

I’m gonna tie a little ribbon knot round my neck with those strings… Or just CUT them off… wuahaha!

God bless!


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i like saba 🙂

Comment by Andrew T

heh heh so u bot something from them then?

the retail ppl were far from helpful though… the guy at the counter didn’t even thank me and never said sorry for charging me the full price at first! ah well, i win in the end… its ok 😉

Comment by K.Lo

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