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Audi R8 Sighting
28 May, 2008, 6:39 pm
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OK OK, ever since the motorshow in 2006 and then 2007 and then IRON MAN(!), I’ve been saving up extremely interested for an Audi R8. And I’ve seen it once in Bondi Junction and another time in the city… Yeeeoooowww! But today oh today did I have a treat!

It wasn’t as impressive as I thought it would be. Mainly because the driver was driving with his windows up I guess. I mean if you were driving a car like that, you would want the whole world to know, wouldn’t you? Sigh, I jumped and down the first time I saw it drive past but this time, the excitement kinda died down… Dear driver of Audi R8, next time when you go out on the streets please press your accelerator as hard as you can when I’m in your near vicinity…

And then a few moments later I saw this car…

Obviously I didn’t take the picture but the dude had his windows down. I had an inkling he pretty much knew what he was driving. A quick search on estimated the price at a mere AUD 0.9mil (900k)… Which brings me to my next point…

I have no respect for people who drive the following car thinking its the car above…

RRP AUD 0.06 mil… or 60k.

God bless!


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Woooow.. I love this supercar, it is the best of Audi in last years. Here is more interesting info. about this Greta car:

Comment by john

dat’s an awesome page john!

Comment by K.Lo

Nice car, but with current petrol price, mati man 😛

Comment by thereflector

haha it seems like thats all ppl tok about nowadays… keke

Comment by lomantik

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