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Cabramatta: A Trip
7 June, 2008, 3:53 pm
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Just got back from Cabramatta and its an amazing outlet of ethnic diversity in Australia. It’s crazy, everything from the architecture, the cracks in the pavements, the carpark lots, the way the water runs down the pavements reminds me of how things are back home. Think of the backstreets of KL and you have Cabramatta.

And think of downtown Kota Kinabalu, you have Cabramatta. If anyone wants to know how Kota Kinabalu/Sabah looks like, visit Cabramatta. It is probably 40-50% in terms of similarity. And the thing is even though its crowded, people (e.g. pedestrians) seem to understand where you’re headed and as you both make way for each other, you go through without trouble.

Try doing that in downtown Sydney and you would probably be hissed off. Like if I walk straight ahead, head held uber high in the City, I’m OK but if I stop to let people pass first in a tight pedestrian choke-area, I get ‘hissed off’. Does anyone feel that way? It’s almost a super-charged atmosphere encouraging rudeness.

Of course you have your occasional shoulder-charge move where you attempt to put one shoulder in front of another to compact your body and half-move sideways. But other than that, if you charge on, shoulders fully squared, people generally let you pass…

Ah well…
Witnessed an accident today as well. A one-car (siok sendiri) accident. I was stopped on King Street, Newtown and there’s this car coming out of nowhere just came to my left, mounted the kerb, knocked down a parking sign post and in the process scaring the wits out of a baby and her mom. A few more inches and the mum would have been knocked on the head by the bent post. And if the post wasn’t there… who knows what would have happened. And worse, if the car swerved a little to the right, I wouldn’t be a happy chap right now. It felt like one of those orchestrated accidents you see in theme parks (read Police Academy in Movie World) yet, it was real and no one was severely hurt. But I think the driver was drunk… either that or he was too stunned from the accident as he clmabered out of the car… Sigh… Really thank God for this!

Ah well… here’s to a safe long weekend…

God bless!


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take me to cabra one day klo..;p

Comment by esther

heheh 😀 will do will do… as per our ‘discussion’ 😛

Comment by K.Lo

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