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Prince Caspian: A Review
11 June, 2008, 1:08 pm
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So the guy at the rails who checks our tickets go,
“Hello boys! What are we watching today?”.
I reply, “Narnia”.
He says, “Oh, Prince Caspian.”


Anyway, I was watching Narnia. Everything was ABOUT Narnia. The whole freaking series is called Narnia. I don’t care who Prince Fabian is, I want to be in Narnia.

And that was where I was. For two whole hours, well minus a few minutes, we were swooped into the world of Narnia. It was a very well-made movie for one. There was enough CGI and just enough ‘real’ props to make it look all good. Even the dirt in the props (e.g. the dirt in between carvings on the horn) made it really spectacular.

The jumping from scene to scene can be a bit annoying though. But its expected cause pretty much all movie adaptations are like that. You turn a page and there’s a new chapter and you don’t feel as if much has changed. But for that to happen visually, its pretty taken-a-back-ish if not done well.

The actors were mighty fine as well. The starring four were great but I’m not sure if they were the same people who acted in the first Narnia (fine, the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe). Ah yes, a quick check on imdb confirms it. Apparently they’re signed on till the next Narnia too… (Ok, ok, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader).

Anyway, I saw the film wanting to see a Christian slant to it but I don’t think it’s that obvious. Well, the stubbornness and the “Ooo-I-believe-in-my-self” crap is evident in High King Peter. To me, High King Peter is our flesh, what we see, our image. We are made in the image of God, so we are to behave like kings, like rulers, like the most powerful One. And King Edmund is like gifts and talents; he doubted Lucy in the first Narnia and “made out to look like a fool”; Lucy being faith. And Susan is our determination, our will, the part that can bend either to our flesh or to our faith.


So Lucy sees Azlan at first but the rest don’t see it. Faith sees but people don’t believe. And Lucy doesn’t go out to fight, she’s young. Faith is innocent, does not see bloodshed, does not fight, always gives in. But at the end Lucy rides away to get help, faith bringing her to something which is hoped for but not seen.


So, ah well… I guess there’s more to a movie sometimes than meets the eye and that is what I want to see/touch/feel/experience in the movie. What lies beneath… I guess that’s where a good movie for me lies… But having said that C.S. Lewis is not a prophet, he’s just a good writer with powerful insight and a gift of, pardon the pun, explaining things… Haha! Get it get it? 😛

Take care and God bless!


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sure there were some spiritual inuendoes… etc.. but damn! i like their costume best!! uberrrrr stylish!!! i WANT!!!

Comment by Andrew T

oooo… yea, they were in like 4000 years ago…
they might come back this season…

Comment by K.Lo

is it ah?
well, guess its all up to the persons point of view aint it

Comment by marvo

? fashion or the movie, marvo?

Comment by K.Lo

movie la, the Christian slant thing

Comment by marvo

Ah yes…

Comment by K.Lo

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