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Trilogy of Truth: A Trip/Review.
14 June, 2008, 11:23 am
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So I spent my Friday the 13th visiting my colleague’s dance performance, Trilogy of Truth. He told me it was going to be contemporary dance but I didn’t know what to expect. You know a lot of interpretative dancing, abstract movement of the human limbs, flailing of arms and legs but it turned out to be a very beautiful story indeed.

It was actually 3 separate stories by three ‘main’ dancers; I think it was meant to be their graduating pieces. The first one was based on “V for Vendetta” and the usage of masks and all was incredible, not to mention the props and the dancing and the music! There was this scene in this particular dance where they used a worship song from church (From The Inside Out), played on a grand piano and then it clicked, these students are from the Wesley college and they are probably as passionate about the Cause as you could be.

The second piece, about Insomnia, was played out pretty well as well. They overlayed it with video clips and the make up was uber believable. There was this one scene where Insomnia tied his hand to the victim and controlled the victim’s every move kinda thing; it was abstract yet I think there are some things that transcend verbal communication.

The third piece, Inferno, was awesome as well. The most elaborate of the three and the most meaningful. It talks about how this girl, literally dances, with sin in her life. Well, maybe not sin but the temptations of sin, and then Vigil (or I personally would call, God) protects her and pries her away from the clutches of evil and banishes them, gracefully though.

I guess these pieces are great cause they have meaning to them. It’s more of a message than entertainment and these messages last for eternity. Of course there are secular contemporary dances out there but I reckon most of them will lack meaning which echoes throughout eternity; focusing more instead on the visual effects and ‘soul-feelings’ for the whole of the 2 hours or so that you are seated there. Having said that however, I do know of contemporary dances which give meaning to domestic abuse, war crimes and the lot.

Ah well, all in all, it was a great night out with my eyes opened, my heart encouraged and my ‘friend quota’ filled… hehe
Till next time!
God bless!


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wahhh so you think you can dance now issit…!??

Comment by Andrew T

lOl it was a pretty cool night… we should go sometime… you know of any good ones?

Comment by K.Lo

no lah i aint no dancing prodigy…. i’ll be lucky if i can walk without tripping over my foot lor!

Comment by Andrew T

nola, to watch la, to experience the glitz and the emotions, the music… the drama of the dancers…

Want want? I checked ticketek but most of them are either too pretentious or looks lousy heh

Comment by K.Lo

oh i loveeeeeeeeee pretentious 😛 gosh i see ur still alive…..

Comment by Andrew T


Comment by K.Lo

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