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A bit of gonzo…
16 June, 2008, 11:06 am
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So ‘gonzo‘ journalism is when you experience what a human (or whatever you fancy) subject experiences through extremes and live through it to write about it. Most famous being Hunter S. Thompson; Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (where he goes on a month of drinking and drugs) and Hells Angels (where he attempts to join the motorcycle gang and gets exposed at the end; to dire consequences).

The night ended like any other Saturday night really, got back late from work and ravaged the fridge for any worthy leftovers. Ooo… prawns from the FishMarket the day before. Prepared the wasabi and soy sauce and chomped happily. Wasn’t really full yet so I cooked a can of chicken cream soup before idling away to bed to prepare for church tomorrow.

A searing pain attacked me from the insides. Its not the pain you get from wanting to pass motion; neither its the pain where passing gas would be enough to get you through it. Well, it did help but more than ever I felt like vomitting would do the job. I was too tired, too in pain, too out of my mind to get up, walk to the bathroom and induce it. So I tried to sleep it off, it was no good. The pain was still there.

The sun came up and the pain was subsiding, but not enough not to feel it completely wear off. Now I had a throbbing headache and feeling the onset of fever complete with stiff and painful joints. Its gonna be a long day, I thought to myself. More rest I had, JC got me some Thai food which I reluctantly ate at like 4pm… Cause I knew you had to take food to take medicine but when you were feeling the way I was feeling, you don’t even want to move, let alone smell/eat/swallow little more than liquid. I was craving a tall, no water soy chai latte while lying there by the way. So if I tell you I’m sick next time, you can help me out by bringing me one of those :D.

Anyway, messages were sent and messages were received. Its good to know that there are people out there supporting you although you’re trapped alone, immovable, in pain and seriously, in pure agony.

I’ve still got a minor headache now but nothing good food, a little rest and a little going out to see the world won’t cure I guess. Sigh, thank God for English breakfast teas too… 😀

Till the next time! Here’s to a mega healthy winter…

God bless!


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Hai ngo che toh lo….=D

Comment by Ophelia a.ka. Fiona

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take care!

Comment by LadyVanity

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Comment by thailand Hotels

O Je!
I can see your IP address loh… haha

Comment by K.Lo

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