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World Youth Day 2008
19 July, 2008, 1:37 am
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So ever since SYD WYD 08 (Sydney World Youth Day 2008 for the malinformed among you) started, I’ve always wanted to do like a random street photo thing with all these clueless kids walking around.

Well, I tried to do it today, since a) its my semi-day off; b) it was good weather and c) I had to be in the city anyway.

Well, I did miss the Pope yesterday as he rode in his (0-100 in 6 seconds) Pope-Mobile around the streets of Sydney and I’m starting to think if I’ve missed a chance of a lifetime. Maybe more photographs tomorrow/Sunday – as the ‘pilgrims’ go for the papal mass.

Anyway, enough words; here’s a glimpse to Sydney during World Youth Day 2008; WYD having more visitors to Sydney than the 2000 Olympics.

We started off with brunch yumcha… Not too bad at all…

Then we walked down George Street… WYD bags in sight… And I only realized the man sitting on the street post-prod… Sigh… Crazy isn’t it?

SYD WYD 08’s best volunteer!

This was where the Stations of the Cross will culminate and where the concert was held.

The Hungry Mile its called. The Stations of the Cross was amazing; lasting three hours with live actors in costume and background screens it depicts the time from the Last Supper till Jesus’ burial/resurrection through various sites in the City. ‘Jesus’ even carried dragged his cross around the city for one hour (at the minimum)!

X-Man A.Tan trying out his flying moves… One flick of the wrist and he was over the fence… Amazing…

George Street (Martin Place) – looking away from the Harbour bridge…

George Street – looking towards The Rocks.

Trot trot…

And of course… Healthy signs of a healthy religion…

Might blog more about SYD WYD 08 and the impact it had on myself etc later.
God bless!


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omg its me! im featured on ur blog. OMG together with the flying nuns!!!

Comment by Andrew T

Believe it!

Comment by K.Lo

goodness… i’m famous now!

Comment by E-Dawg

lOl u were always famous E-DawG…

Comment by K.Lo

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