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Hancock: A Review
21 July, 2008, 5:35 pm
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OK, so I watched “Hancock” last Tuesday and I didn’t get time/energy to blog about it till today; nearly a week later.

So that alone probably tells you how high it ranks in my books.

Anyway, all I remember from the movie is Charlize Theron’s face Will Smith’s unshaven face. And that there was a PR/marketing lesson to learn from the movie. Most of us claim to know how the PR business works but it takes people with real insight to make money from it; in my humble opinion.

We know what makes a good movie, what makes a house sell and how a good song should sound like. But having the insight to actually produce these quality products of art is something entirely different. So when I review movies, etc I tread carefully.

Anyway, “Hancock” was more a DVD movie to me, to be honest. It was advertised as a super-hero movie but churned out looking like a spoof. Maybe blame the CGI or storyline or even the sometimes comedic script; it watched like a spoof to me. (Mental note to self: Rent the SuperHero spoof movie).

Anyway, it was a good try to bend and stretch a genre that is so predictable already (read Superman, Batman, SpiderMan); why not do it with a drunk superhero? But I guess there could be so much more character development than what happened in “Hancock”. Having said that however, these Hollywood producers are not dumb and most probably would want the movie to look like that; appealing to the short-attention spanned, iPod-addicted among us.

OK, enough about the plot. Will Smith’s acting was OK, considering the fact that he’s too fast for the camera half of the time. But I don’t think anyone else could play Hancock as well as he did. He had the physique for one… … …

Where was I? Ah yes, two, he had the “Pursuit of Happyness” bum-look on the other. And he had the right amount of cheekiness to play opposite Charlize Theron. I guess he’s one of those actors who can be that adaptable/bendable. From “Hitch” to “MIB” to “Pursuit of Happyness”… I guess as long there’s an alien in the movie, Will Smith could play your lead…

The cinematography is again very much spoofy, low-budget kinda thing. No real product placements going on (read: No ads?); making the movie look very plain, very other-worldly Dr. Seuss(?) kinda thing; hence making it look spoofy.

My final comment? Awesome movie, just maybe wait for the DVD… Or even, wait for it to come on free-to-air TV.

God bless!


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