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The Dark Knight: A Review
25 July, 2008, 12:33 pm
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I find it very hard to write an objective review on “The Dark Knight“; I loved almost every bit of it. There’s virtually no loopholes to critisize or improve on in this movie. It set out what it wanted to do pretty clearly in the beginning and as the movie progressed, hit every dime and sometimes a shower of gold ensued.

I don’t know if sitting two rows from the screen aided in my heightened sense of cinematics; everytime a crash or a humming vehicle whizzed by, my feet felt it drove by. And not to mention the reloading of shotguns; I find that I remember that pretty clearly in my mind.

Anyway, I read somewhere the movie was “about The Joker” although it was a clearly Batman movie. I remember thinking, “Aww… how can that be? This guy must be exaggeratively milking the Joker/Heath Ledger death cow just to stir a bit of commotion…” Hmm… you know what? He was right. It was a movie about The Joker. You thinking the same about me aren’t ya? Haha Go watch the movie, you will know what I mean…

My oh my… The Joker… Where do I even start? As you would most probably know, there are lots of articles going around saying how Heath Ledger’s gonna get a post-humous Oscar Award and all that and by the account of his acting in this movie, he truly well deserves one. IMDB has in its archives something about how Heath locked himself alone in a hotel room for one month preparing his mental state for the movie basing The Joker on Sid Vicious too. Did a bit of research on good ol’ YouTube and found that (ex?) Sex Pistols lead singer Sid Vicious is one heck of a lun… Just like how Johnny Depp based Jack Sparrow on Keith Richards.

It just goes to show how actors who take their art serious enough to do all this things. But it messes with your mind doesn’t it? Maybe that’s why Heath killed himself? Or did he? Maybe someone who knew of how good this movie would be, out of a jealousy rage, plotted against Heath? Or he’s not really dead; its just to generate PR for this movie? Sigh… we watch The Joker, go home and go to bed. But for Heath’s wife and children, he is but no more.

Here’s to Heath Ledger…
God bless!


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