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Corporate Global Responsibility…
3 August, 2008, 1:31 am
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So yeah, the week’s come and gone. A rather long week I must say. A week where we’ve seen men and women kicked and spat on when they’re down. Men with tall hats stomping around with their equally pompous partners in arms as they gather another ball of spit to launch onto a man which has fallen.

People say Americans are inward looking and do not know much about the world. Sometimes, I think men with cheap cotton tall hats think that they are wearing expensive silk tall hats. America is the third largest country in the world. China and India are first and second respectfully and in all honesty, I don’t think the average Chinese and Indian know much about the province next to them. And to add to the insularity, they only speak Chinese and Indian, most of them.

But anyway, events in the past week have led me to the conclusion that men in cotton tall hats have no problems whatsoever in making fun of a down-trodden man in tall linen hats. In all honesty, its as if an earthworm saying to an elephant, “Hey, we don’t need your 20kg a-pop manure, we are using our own’s (all 20g) to fertilize the garden.”

That’s what I think. OK, sure sometimes MNCs do more bad than good. But honestly, the amount of jobs and ultimately, corporate global responsibility that comes along with MNCs have the potential to improve the world. THE WORLD! Another clear freaking example of the horrendous not in my backyard mentality. Men in tall cotton hats go on and on about being leaders in stopping climate change but whine like freaking babies when a simple monetary tax is being planned on being imposed on citizens.

To me, America is such a big and powerful nation today because of two simple reasons. They trust(ed) in God and they recognize talent and feed it instead of starve it. Some people only feed talent which they know do not have enough potential to be better than them; fake feeding. And when they see genuine talent which has every potential to outshine themselves, they starve it.

And stop calling ourselves snobs, cause we aren’t. Stop substituting our small lives for something as great as our taste buds cause ultimately we eat to live; not the other way around. There is not much history, therefore not much culture. Its sad to see an earthworm saying no to an obvious help. I respect the leaders of this nation; so much like Dr. M.; trying to advance a people who are jealous, insecure and way too comfortable. Dr. M. didn’t succeed after 20+ years, maybe we can start doing something else…

Please help me bring neutrality to this post.

God bless!


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