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A Break…
15 August, 2008, 8:04 pm
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Hey all!

Flew into Singapore last week for what I believe is a well-deserved break with the girlfriend for 10 days. Gonna be here in Kota Kinabalu for another 2 weeks. Then Singapore for a few more days then back to my ‘usual place of residence’.

I’m enjoying it so far. I know it sounds dumb and cliche but it does very well to have a break in a country(s) which has a ‘weaker’ currency(s). And it’s great being surrounded with people that matter most to you and vice versa. I’ll be taking a break from blogging so I do things for the people around me rather than for the blog. But if anything blog-worthy comes up, I might write about it but for now the Internet connection, the photoshop/’videoshop’ routine is not worth the trouble.

When I get back, I’ll probably post the highlights of my trip… Which so far include:
1. Surprising my girlfriend with my presence (we are in a LDR).
2. Coffee with her father.
3. MRT trips… (I know… I know… but I seriously love it! :D)
4. Shopping in Singapore.
5. Getting picked up in the airport by my parents. Taking the A380 too.
6. Sitting in and driving 3.5L splendid automobiles…
7. Hanging out with my sister.

I found out that I get super-agitated on planes though. Is it me or are the planes not air-conditioned anymore? Ah well…

Here’s to a good break.

God bless!


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not dropping in on us at … PJ? You can stay at my place .. 🙂

Comment by bigboyalready

mmm everyone is wishing you on your facebook..
i shall wish you here to be different!

enjoy your time back home man.. bring me some sabah goodies.. 😉

Comment by marvin

klo cepat come back

Comment by esther

Hey…I want to fly on the A380 too!! Enjoy Sabah and Singapore, but please come back 🙂

Comment by Josh

Kevin Lo… are you? are you not coming to KL??

Geraldine Lee

Comment by Geraldine

Hey K-Dawg! Glad to read you’re doing well and that you didn’t get lost in dingy Chinatown hotels, hehe… Enjoy KK and give it our love! And to Mama Lo!

Comment by E-Dawg

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