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Something Racy This Way Comes
9 September, 2008, 11:29 am
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So in ‘Catholics welcome, Muslims not‘ Sunanda Creagh reports about Camden’s ongoing community controversy about protesting against an Islamic school being built there.

It’s quite ironic/awkward/weird to build something in a community which obviously does not reflect the beliefs/values/opinions of the community.

Anyway, the thing that irks me is that the Quranic society labelled Emil Sremchevich a racist. He reiterated by saying how different beings like different things and all. I think the word racist is used very loosely (and negatively) these days. Racism means stereotyping someone just by the colour of their skin and the features of their face.

But racism comes naturally to intelligent humans. Its how we learn. We see a kettle on a stove; we approach it carefully. We see a wrapped chocolate, we salivate.

We stereotype the kettle on the stove; even when its already cooled. We put the chocolate in our mouth even before checking the expiry date.

But then, those are our primitive instincts. More modern/forward-thinking intelligent human beings are obviously more open-minded and secure in themselves to embrace out-of-the-norm things. Having said that, being open-minded does not mean mixing themselves full-on in things which they normally don’t involve themselves in.

It is only right for a community to want to do things that they are familiar with and happy with. But being tolerant is also sometimes confused with fully embracing some things. If someone is tolerant with you; it doesn’t necessarily mean they want to embrace you fully. They are well, just, tolerant of you.

I’m not drawing any conclusions on how people should behave or what we can learn from this but wanting to explain that some things are just natural and as society progresses; as transmigration and criss-cross of information and people get ultra-fast in a modern world, things like this crop up. We’ve been monocultural beings for centuries (since the inception of the concept of countries) and there’s no right and wrong. It’s just that the access of people into other people’s lives are catalyszed by new migration patterns/media/Internet and all that comes with it.

We don’t have rights to other people’s minds. We do not have rights that people tolerate us. We may have codes of conduct but people are people. If you were in their shoes, you would do the same.

God bless!


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