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Anwar’s 16th September 2008 Press Conference
16 September, 2008, 5:11 pm
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So the live feed of Datuk Seri Anwar’s press conference has just concluded from his website and with all intent and purposes managed to allay the public’s fear about a massive violent upheaval of a lawless/volatile country. I guess he learned from events from past weeks in Bangkok.

Anyway, Datuk Seri reiterated that indeed he has enough numbers to form a new government but he stopped shy of saying when and who would be involved in this process. His aim was to get at least 30MPs to come alongside him. These promises by the MPs, allegedly, have signed documents committing themselves to the Pakatan Rakyat cause.

But one wonders how reliable are these signed letters and what is stopping Pak Lah (the PM) from identifying these members and doing something about it. I can imagine him locked up in his office flicking through papers and trying to find out the mole(s). It’s a trying time for him, I guess, as if events of recent times have not sapped him of his energy enough already.

Personally, I think 30 is not a big number; considering the total MPs in Malaysia is only 222. Of that, already 82 belongs to Pakatan Rakyat (The Citizens’ Alliance).

However, I do not think that Malaysians in general necessarily want something this drastic to happen. Pakatan Rakyat should be renamed Pakatan MPs. If you only change the top in a supposedly democratic country, you might not be able to alter the wants of the grassroots. This is what happened in my schooldays where politicians in Sabah would ‘jump’ parties even when the people voted them in. Next election comes, out they go. People do not vote for you, politicians, they vote for what you represent. Politicians get it so wrong sometimes (especially politicians in small countries).

And even if you have 51% power; you have 49% left to deal with. Ideally, what you want is 101% of the people’s hearts behind you.

And one more thing; if you takeover a country this way, the road is wide open for another person to come in and do the same. You introduce sneaky democracy this way, people will want to have their views heard. You get differing people wanting different things. You (might) get protests every other week and an incredibly unstable economic climate. You might get investors pulling out and you are back at square one.

No one knows how this will go and I guess only time will let things play out the way they are supposed to. But judging from the way Datuk Seri Anwar was answering the journalists in the room at the press conference, he is still at his very heart, a politician. Doing what he thinks is best for the country at large, but ignoring the pleas of the individual.

But don’t politicians know that pleas of individuals make up the roar of the crowd? I hope they do.

God bless!


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i like how u write this…but ok, back to my essay..;p

Comment by esther

lOl… u like it how?
content or style? šŸ˜€

Comment by K.Lo

both…ur style of writing memang forever likeable..haha…but yeah i guess i’m more to sytle rather than content hahaah…

Comment by esther

wahhhh! *^_^* i kembang man… šŸ˜›

Comment by K.Lo

HAAHHA…”*^_^*” is so cute..HAHAHA

Comment by esther

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