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Caminetto: A Review
20 September, 2008, 10:41 pm
Filed under: Food, Sydney

This is gonna be a short review cause we didn’t even enter the restaurant.

As you can see from a very credible user-generated content food website, Caminetto rates a 5.8. In comparison, the SuperMeal restaurant (formerly called SuperBowl) on Goulburn Street rates a whooping 6.8.

We arrived at about 6:50. After checking out the harp being plucked in the floors of the al fresco dining area overlooked by a typical Sydney sandstone cliff-face, a waiter comes up and asks for the number of seats we needed. 8. OK, he told us to wait for a while. Out pops the cooly bespectacled floor manager and greets us with a “Who’s next?” as if readying up for a fight.

OK, he arrogantly asks us if we have booked and finding a table for us would be extremely hard without a booking. Two in our group was standing a little bit askew from the rest of us and he cooly asks them if they needed a table. We cut in and said they’re part of our group. And you know what he unfreaking believably said? He said, “Really?”. What on the entire earth does that mean?

So now we know we’ve got an arrogant and highly uncreative man trying to manuever a table for us in an obvious tourist-trap restaurant. He checks his timetable or whatever kind of lame system he has and comes back with a promising answer; there will be a table ready in 20 minutes.

So we wander off to a nearby seating area and wait faithfully for the whole 20 minutes. Coming back we asked him for the table and he told us there was no table for us. I didn’t know whether to laugh (at his obvious stupidity) or cry (at the time we wasted because of his stupidity). He apologized (of course he didn’t mean it) and said that because we didn’t leave a number he couldn’t call us and tell us whatever. Well, 1. he didn’t ask us for the number and 2. Isn’t a word enough nowadays to book a table?

So yeah, the crowd I was with was pretty patient so I stayed my cool.

But reading the reviews on eatability made me thank the cosmos for this Gordon Ramsay layoff-worthy floor manager.


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