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22 September, 2008, 5:44 pm
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Whilst cleaning my sink and mirror today (I’m a little OCD over the morning routine area; no thanks to my recent hotel adventures) I realized something.

The bible says the man who hears about the Bible and does nothing about it is like a man who, after looking in the mirror, immediately forgets what he looks like. (I think this is way guys tend to look in mirrors at themselves for extended periods of time; they have short term memory).

So I looked at my mirror and after cleaning it with a squeegee, I could see myself clearly.

The principle in paragraph two is applicable also in how clean the mirror is. The mirror being what you put into your brain/mind/soul. If you put a dirty mirror up to yourself, you will never find your flaws; and vice versa, if you look at yourself via a clean mirror, you can see yourself in all your glory.

Many of us do not want to see our flaws. Choosing to look at ourselves through dirty mirrors and believing what we see. We get too comfortable with a dirty mirror that we neglect cleaning agents for it. We do not want people to clean the mirror because we do not want to see the flaws it reflects back.

I think its a similar principle. Dirty mirrors include unrealistic body sizes portrayed by the media, messed up life priorities portrayed by society, fake friends (Proverbs 27:6), living an ungodly life and substance/material abuse.

It is hard to clean the mirror sometimes but unless we do it, we cannot truly call ourselves honest human beings. It is when we look at ourselves in an ultra-clean mirror; see the flaws in all their glory and decide who we are in God is when we truly mature. If you need a new adventure in your life; maybe cleaning your mirror is it…

God bless!


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good one!!!
wut cleaning agent to use? ;p

Comment by esthery

The Holy Bible.

Comment by K.Lo

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