Life is better than death. Love; greater than either…


Ooo look at the date! [You can tell I do not have a specific title for this entry.]

Oh yeah! I’ve decided not to go to this year’s Motorshow. Something like 18 out of 46 carmakers pulled out because they’re having a row about two motorshows in a country of 20 million per year. “We have Paris this year and next year we have Frankfurt again. This works for 250 million Europeans and here we have 20 million Australians and we have two shows a year … it’s not feasible really,” managing director of Audi, Joerg Hofmann says in an interview with

He is damn. Right. That’s why I’m not going this year! But can you imagine their star of the show this year is a Holden electric car?!?! Sure there are a few Zondas and all but nothing new you know… I think most of the car manufacturers can’t afford to transport their concept cars to OZ anymore; let alone think about the cost-benefit etc… Oh well… Here’s to the almighty stupid Melbourne-Sydney rivalry…

Anyway, have a few backlogged movie reviews and A restaurant review but will skim through the movie (those that I remember anyway) reviews.

Run Fatboy Run

It’s a typical British humour film starring the guy from Shaun of The Dead; directed by David Schwimmer though. It’s a love story first and foremost and examines the intricacies of typical modern life. It’s not laugh out loud funny though. Something you would watch with your partner on a cold rainy night thing. (3/5).

The Golden Compass

Something cool this way comes. I didn’t see much anti-religion sentiments in this film; well maybe it’s my beliefs in UFOs. Just. Kidding. Anyway, talking animals are always a plus in my books; oh wait – ah that’s the anti-religion part of it. So each of the character has an demon animal which they consult and free to utilize and terrorize other demons animals and so on and so forth. The CGIs were great; storyline was cool. (3.5/5)

In The Name of the King

Leelee Sobieski! But not enough to pull this movie up on its horses. Can you imagine Jason Statham [Lock, Stock, Snitch, The Transporter, The Italian Job, The Bank Job] in Lord of The Rings? Imagine no more, welcome to rip-off LOTR! Complete with a full-sized Gimli! (1.5/5).

No Country For Old Men

4 Oscars! Makes me look shallow/dumb for sleeping on this movie. But oh well, I cannot lie. Don’t really know how to appreciate a slow moving cowboy movie. (2/5).

God bless!


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