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15 October, 2008, 8:15 am
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Woke up early this morning to do some work on the computer. Dead-lined work. Work that I can have left till after to do but I didn’t. Because I felt passionate about it. Because it was something close to my heart. Because I felt excited to do it. Because I liked it. Because it was real-life journalism…

Two random (well, if you know me well, its almost expected) facts of the day.

1. Ctrl W shuts down the FireFox tab you are on. Accidentally did that just then when typing ‘’. Always wanted to do that! The shutting down part not the accidental part hehe

2. MacBook Air gets faster graphics, more storage. Now its worth considering a buy. Emphasis on consider. Cause honestly there are no free Wi-Fi hotspots in Australia (yay developed nation!) and bringing your overheating MacBook Air to park on your lap in a cafe or what not makes you honestly, look like a wanker.

Unless of course you are traveller; in which a MacBook Air will not be enough for you. I’m using a MacBook Pro at my other ‘job’ and honestly I cannot tell the difference. You pay $1000 or less for the next ‘faster Apple’ and besides doing video, animation and what nots; you are stuck with an expensive machine. I prefer my left click right click 22″ LCD cum entertainment centre cum Playstation cum computer console thank you very much. Sure its UNportable but it sure kicks…

Leave the Apple at work and get a PC at home.

God bless!


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I will send the Steve Jobs Police after you!

Comment by E-Dawg

lOl… why would i pay more for no right clicks! 😛

hope u r well, e-Dawg!

Comment by K.Lo

right clix are evil! and that trackpad is EXCELLENT! aaaah i want it!

Comment by E-Dawg

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