Life is better than death. Love; greater than either…

Lonely Old People…
21 October, 2008, 3:05 pm
Filed under: RanDom, Thoughts

This is what I want to do…

It doesn’t matter what the pay is or what the pay is NOT…

When your gifts and talents help to bring awareness to a certain issue… It’s worth it…

Stumbled upon this when researching for an article I am about to do…

Sometimes being a serious journalist ensures a pretty screwed up mind for yourself in the future. But I guess knowing about it is one step into being prepared for it…

God bless!


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AWWWW… Such a SWEET video 🙂

Comment by Nydia

Btw, I’m sure u’d be a GREAT journalist someday 🙂 remember me when u are famous k? *keke*

Comment by Nydia

all d best tmr klo!!
i wana read wut ur gona write!

Comment by esther

NydZ > touching rite??? haha i don’t knw abt famous tho, NydZ 😀

EsT > yea, dis one’s more like listen instead of read hehe 😀

Comment by K.Lo

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