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Of old days…
7 November, 2008, 11:39 am
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OK, so StevenC commented yesterday on how my old blog was easier to read, more personal and funnier…

Looking back at it just then. I agree…

How can that boy and I be the same person? Time does a lot of things. And most of it I’m not prepared to admit I’m proud of.

There was always a sense of awe and wonder everytime I blogged then. Now its just the same old same old and I’m not even 30 yet! Maybe I’m the one who needs to live a little. Or are my energy levels sapped? Or there’s more important things to do? Or am I just plain lazy?

I must admit little excites me nowadays. I find joys in listening mostly. Listening to new things. Stuff I’ve never heard before. Like the streetkids in Manila or the social isolation that occurs in Redfern or the pirates in Somalia. I find joy in learning. In a sense I am still intrigued and curious but I just need new things.

I think that is the curse of our generation. That is why people won’t stay put in one company/country for long. We get into a rut and we try with every single ounce of energy we have to get out of being labelled boring. Yet we have to eat and survive and bow to Mr. Big.

But standing in the now and the future, I appreciate my former self and my former blog and that is why I blog anyway, to look back at it in the future and see how I’ve evolved/devolved. But the past is the past and to dwell too long on it is unhealthy.

So here’s to more blogs ahead!

God bless!


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Well from someone who has never read ur previous blog -> i think ur post NOW are pretty dang good 🙂

Comment by Nydia

haha thanks NydZ!!!


Comment by lomantik

they just show ur maturity as u age..;p
but hey, i like ur old one too haha
keep blogging klo! and giving wisdom to the world 🙂

Comment by esther



Comment by K.Lo

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