Life is better than death. Love; greater than either…

9 November, 2008, 9:08 pm
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So being someone my age, marriage is never far away from mind. Our parents did it, our grandparents did it and every single one of our ancestors have been in some sort of union/marriage pertaining to a girl-guy relationship. (Hoorah to the banning of same sex marriages though – we’ll save that for another post). Most of our older friends are having babies, people my age are getting married and some even younger people have babies/are married.

So the pressure is definitely on.

So, neglecting the pressure and the hype and the financial (guys: loss; girls:gain) benefits of being a power couple; why do people get married? Is it because it is just the norm? A trophy? A badge you wear to signify that you are ‘normal’ and can carry out a normal relationship? Is it because of the unsurpassed intimacy? Is it a commitment thing? Maybe marriage classes will answer all of these…

But the one thing I’ve found as I was conversing with close friends this arvo was that marriage to me is because of one thing and one thing only. Love.

A muslim cleric used the same word to his response to the the Bali bombers’ execution last night. He said love is the answer not violence.

Anyway, back to marriage. Love. If you don’t love someone enough to get married to him/her; don’t get married. Don’t even think about it, right? Cause at the end of the day, it is only love that enables a marriage to run its course.

Dating is the pathway to marriage because it gives you the opportunity to check your future spouse out. If there’s things/issues/habits you don’t like; talk about it. If change doesn’t happen before marriage, chances are, it won’t happen after marriage either. So no BS about oh marriage will change everything. Marriage doesn’t change anything. It is the pathway to marriage that changes a person slowly, day by day. Thought by thought, mindset by mindset, action by action.

So a progression from dating to marriage in the right time is normal. But in the world today the fear of a failed marriage and a sense of indifference to holy matrimony is seeping into society. Ps. Brian talked about how the devil will always attack the most important things in our lives first. To me its basically sex/marriage and money.

I think if we, with God’s help, manage to get ourselves aligned down pat with His will on these two things; we will never find ourselves doing things that are contrary to His will. If we manage to get good, sound, biblical teaching on these two things; we. are. sweet.


God bless!


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Hm.. Well said ! =p

Oh as you can guess…
i’ve a reason why i’m dropping by ^^”

got a friend wanting to find out more about sydney
currently doing pre-u in melbourne and thinking of
applying to UNSW

was wondering if you’re willing to chat with him
over on msn or something ? ^^”

(paiseh* you’re the only person in sydney i know..

thanks ! God blesz n take care, ciaoz ~!

Comment by inoku

heh yup, emailed you already…

Comment by K.Lo

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