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OZ Idol Eat Your Heart Out…
28 November, 2008, 4:40 pm
Filed under: RanDom, Sydney

There’s been reports of Idol becoming more and more diluted and not money-making anymore and all that. What? It’s been 5 or 6 years already right? In Australia at least. Well, everyone knows that Idol’s just a launchpad and if you’re not willing to work hard and improve yourself (read Kelly Clarkson, Guy Sebastian, Shannon Knoll) you’re never gonna make it to the music industry (Note to self: Widen my portfolio of karoake songs). Not to mention you’re never gonna gain the respect of real ‘musicians’ and singers.

Don’t even talk about Idol’s target audience and people who actually vote for it *shudder*.

But with reference to the YouTube video above, how exactly are Australian record companies wanting to bring their old-school mentality forward? Did you even see the car these guys were using? [PamSong just for you – 1:58].

I think I speak for most of us when we say we are bored of OZ Idol already. Like seriously, when I was watching the finale last Sunday night I hoped so hard that the hosts will not promise a return in 2009. Alas, they did. I can’t help but imagine that as we laugh at the almighty Eurovision Song Contest, they are in turn finding our OZ Idol hosts in cheap suits and skinnie jeans hilarious too.

Anyone’s got ideas on new music-related reality TV shows?

God bless!


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gosh.. how did u ever come across this youtube video??

u got the wrong mtv… haha

Comment by marvo

haha u got the wrong number…

super cool right? lOl have u seen those OZ idol videos? how to compare sia… aston martin and all u know…

Comment by K.Lo

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