Life is better than death. Love; greater than either…

It is granted…
5 December, 2008, 11:50 pm
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I came back from work tonight, like any other night for the past year and a half and checked my email eagerly like I’ve been for every day of my life since the snag a few months ago. Then I saw the email from the Immigration Department.

It read Grant something something.

I opened the PDF up; ready for anything that might surface. Good or bad.

It read… “I am pleased…”

I am pleased it read “I am pleased”. I called my Dad to give him the good news, then my mom came to the phone. They were having Connect Group. I was shouting and praising God as much as I could. I phoned my girlfriend. She picked up on the second call. She got the good news. We I made plans to get married… haha 😛

I am so so so relieved that I got this thing called Permanent Residence in Australia. It has been on the top of my mind ever since I lodged it and hit a few hurdles. Every morning I wake up it would be there, sitting, calling out at the brink of my mind. Every night as I go to  bed, it will surely be the last thing on my mind. Everytime someone asks me how my application is going, my heart sank a little and I put on a brave face; holding on to God’s separate promises to my Mom and myself. Every news article that had the word ‘immigration’ in it I would click open and read; predicting and investing my hopes (or disappointments) in any inkling, any signal of my own application.

Now, everything seems to be brighter; every idea I have seems to have life and potential to be breathed into life. I can start things now… I can live…

I can buy that aquarium and goldfish I’ve been wanting. I can join the Saturday crowds house-hunting. I can offer my future employer 5 years of my life at least. I can start my own business, I can get accredited, get recognised. I can serve God without fear or ‘what-ifs’.

But most of all I can wake up every morning with a clear head…

Praise be to you oh Lord of Heaven and Earth…

God bless!


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😀 SO SO happy for you klo!!!! 🙂

Comment by Nydia

ah ha! tahniah ku ucapkan kepada saudara

Comment by marvo

thanks Nydia!!!

haha yela tu… risau yang teramat dah boleh dihentikan… 😀

syukur kepada Allah…

Comment by K.Lo

weh haha congratulations man now you can get a faster car!

Comment by S.L

haha indeed u are a mind reader SL 😛

Comment by K.Lo

This is SO AWESOME! Fenomenal berita dari teman kami di Departemen Imigrasi dan Kewarganegaraan. Sarah dan orangutan akan thrilled, saya yakin!

Comment by E-Dawg

hey kevin, was there at your mum’s place for cell group when u called. can hear the excitement in your dad’s voice, who was in his room. later, he came out to the dining room and passed the phone to your mum, who then kept repeating “praise God”. indeed, we share your joy… and we witnessed the goodness of God!

Comment by cath k

E-DawG > haha that’s actually understandable!

CathK > thanx Cath! God is great… so blessed i can’t contain it…

Comment by K.Lo

oh i know i’m only reading this now ;p
ahh soo goooddd ;p hehe

Comment by esthery

yeahhh! i am counting my blessings! 😀

Comment by K.Lo

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