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DTESS: A Review
30 December, 2008, 10:32 pm
Filed under: Movies

DTESS = The Day The Earth Stood Still…

OK, so I went for the movie without knowing what exactly it was besides the fact that it was a remake of a classic and it was about aliens invading the Earth. Little did I know the script would be so engaging and relevant and contemporary. It addresses the core issues we face as a generation today. Bored, bitter, hurting, nothing to live for, complacent, waiting for death, yet loving, kind, compassionate and sympathetic… You name it. Along comes the next ‘in’ thing and we jump on the bandwagon… Global warming? Sign me up! New age music? Count me in! The newest wrinkle-free sun-protect cream? Get me one of those!

But we neglect the human spirit. The movie does hint at addressing it but since the dude’s an alien and all, he doesn’t really know what a human spirit is. But but but… Ah I won’t give out spoilers 😀 Oh watch the movie! lOl… It was a toss-up between Benjamin Button and DTESS though tonight and I was pretty inclined to go for Ben Button but it turns out DTESS (I nearly typed DRESS) wasn’t as blokey as I thought it would be… They try but you know… They tried.

Read my ‘official’ review here!

God bless!

P.S. I’ll put all my ‘official’ movie reviews on there from now on (the link’s on the left)… But if sometimes I find a good/personal/life-changing/message-ful movie, I’d pimp it here for sure. Peace!


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