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Its that time again…
30 December, 2008, 10:46 am
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Here it is… The last few days of the year…

I don’t feel like looking back on the year as it was not as amazing and fabulous as I would want it to be… (I sure as hell didn’t get that $55k Communications Manager job I wanted…)

But then again I did go to the Gold Coast, did surprise SokLeng in SG, did some work experience and got my PR…

But as I look to the future I can’t help but get excited at doing the things I’m passionate about… But does passion necessarily equal talent and gifting? Like heaps of people want to be models and actors but few have the skills, gifts, knowhow… But then again Rome wasn’t built in one day… I guess its a lifelong learning process thing… If you are naturally gifted and talented, it’ll come faster, if you’re not, its just a matter of time… Or is it? Passion drives you to learn and hone your skills (or lack thereof)?

But what I do know is I have a God who is eternal. Someone I can lean on and rely on and be confident in that He has my best interests at heart. And that no matter what, He. Is. With. Me.

Happy 2009!

God bless!


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Happy New years Klo!!

Comment by nicktay

amen klo!
2009 will be full of wonders and surprises and it’s gona be good!
just be expectant and full of hope.
because once again, you have a god who loves you dearly!
enjoy the rest of the year!

Comment by esthery

Nick > happy new years to you to bro!!!

Esther > woohuh! u got time to visit my blog on your birthday??? hehehe can’t wait for you to come back but in the meantime enjoy KL!!!

Comment by K.Lo

haha feel honoured? ;p i was on fb thanking ppl who wished me

Comment by esthery

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