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Big Bang Strong Baby
7 January, 2009, 11:47 am
Filed under: Music, Video

OK… Whenever I log on to WordPress, the majority of the time I will be greeted with an entry from Alvin Lim a.k.a. CoolSmurf; together with other ‘hottest’ blogs of their respective categories. And then if its interesting enough I’ll click it and enter a barrage of Korean stuff from CoolSmurf; I think he ‘s Singaporean. Anyway, Korean actors’ and actresses’ are extremely good-looking and I think poised to become the next ‘Asian’ thing… After Japan, Hong Kong and (some say) Taiwan…

But… Take a look at this video…

How many of you are laughing your head off right now?
How many of you think he can’t dance?
And how many of you would put your name next to a song which most interesting line goes Crack Crack Crack Crack?

Oh well… but these guys are at least OK… a bit put on but hey that’s showbiz isn’t it?

And what’s this chick doing blocking that car? Gosh! Move over PLEASE!

God bless!


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crack crack crack crack


Comment by esthery

rofl right?

but i bet he earn tens of thousands!

oh well…

Comment by K.Lo

hahaha still cant stop laughing..

Comment by esthery

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