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Canon EOS 50D First Run!
7 January, 2009, 7:31 pm
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OK, so I’ve gone and upgraded to the 50D

Today is my semi-hearted first run for it… I’ve fiddled with it for the past few days but nothing serious… Just learning the controls…
But today set out to do something with it, the whole Photoshop chit-chat and these are the results…

Upgrading from the 400D, the 50D feels much more solid and the shutter sounds so much better; not so plasticky. The magnesium body surely has something to do with it. The colours of the photos are also much better, not as washed out as the 400D and require less post-production. The 6.3 fps shutter speed is also great and the ISO 3200 is awesome although can get too ‘handphoney’ for me… Too much noise once you hit 3200. But there’s increments of 20 or 25 on the ISOs… Like 100 then 125 then 160 then 200 then 320 (which was missing in the 400D).

I guess if you are used to the 400D you will get used to the 50D pretty fast. It is marketed as a semi-professional camera and it shows; there’s the digital display on the top right part of the camera which displays your ISO and most of the camera settings (just like old school SLRs). On the modern side though, there is LiveView (where you can view what’s through the lens [TTL] on the LCD) in the 50D and I was amazed at how there’s no lag in the display versus your movements. And the screen is superb! Much much better than the 400D’s.

One very important thing missing though is Adobe Lightroom 2 and Photoshop does not support the RAW taken by the 50D. So the only choice now is using Canon’s own software, Digital Photo Professional (DPP). That’s also partly why I was slow in testing the camera out…

From a purely user point of view, these are the differences I’ve managed to learn from the 50D (There’s also like 3 [2 ‘rollable’ and 1 ‘directionable] dials compared to the 400D’s one). There’s no more infrared wireless controller though, something I really treasured on the 400D.

Questions? Discussions? Feel free!

God bless!


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oooo new baby i see =D

Comment by .

well, i wouldn’t call it a baby… its a Canon EOS 50D dSLR… and its nowhere near as precious as a baby… lOl

Comment by K.Lo

hahaha so cool..very good pics!!

Comment by esthery

why thank you Miss Esther!

Comment by K.Lo

have u talked to jc recently?
he was ecstatic when i passed him the cam!

Comment by esthery

i have actually… how ecstatic? was he jumping up and down? was he like “waaaatt??? wwwwwaaaaaat?” haha

Comment by K.Lo

nice pics dude…me like

Comment by nicktay

haha yeah like became crazy
it was unreal..but yeah he accepted it hahaha

Comment by esthery

Thanx Nick!

Esther > forsho!

Comment by K.Lo

hey kevin, how are you? havent heard from you for a while…email me!

Comment by Geraldine Lee


Comment by cath

Geraldine > hiiiiiiii!!! 😀

Cath > lOl don’t be!!! we’re all in this together 😀

Comment by K.Lo

Been hearing good things about this camera.


Comment by iheartfilm

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