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19 January, 2009, 9:51 am
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There seems to be an uprising in mainstream Hollywood banging its head against ‘the perfect life’…

Well, emphasis on mainstream. This avenue used to belong only to aspiring actors and actresses, scriptwriters and filmmakers who weren’t making money and who indeed are living the ‘imperfect’ life.

Given movies have always been to serve a form of ‘escapism’ but its more real now; what with the doom and gloom of recent times (what goes down must go up I say). Films which ridicule the ‘perfect life’ and show people that there’s more to life than money and food. That in each and everyone of us there is still a glimmer of light and hope that flickers now and then; like the trapped bird who looks up onto the blue sky. That flicker and hunger to do something more… To explore, to create, to breathe something new, to have LIFE…

And maybe… Just maybe this film will capture it all…

Can’t wait!!!

God bless!


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Hey K.Lo. Long time no c. Where are you now currently?

Add me on FB:

Btw, I’m anticipating another round of Leo DiCap and Kate Winslet too 🙂

Comment by Lydia

Gosh….i can’t wait for this movie to come out…sounds familiar to me..

Comment by JC

Lydia! Wow! Very long time! Added you on FB already 😀

Oh yeah, totally forgot that the last time they paired up, it was for a historic movie!

JC > i don’t really get you?

Comment by K.Lo

Hahaha i can sort of relate to the movie..wanting more thatn the status qup =D

Comment by JC

well, technically, its wanting LESS than the status quo… but oh well, till it comes out! 😀

Comment by lomantik

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