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22 January, 2009, 11:37 pm
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I’ve just realised that I’ve not posted something ‘bimbotic’ and diarylike in a long time.

OK, here we go…

Got up today to extreme heat even though my fan was turned on to its maximum capacity. Actually it’s Nathan’s HomeMaker fan but he’s not here yet so yeah… On loan! One of my purchases on eBay last week arrived and woke me up and I tried it on for size. Then went online and chatted with a few friends and then realized it was time to go for my yumcha session! Fed my fish, showered and then headed off the door into the day. It wasn’t as hot as I thought it would be (it was only like 10:45am) and then the wretched Sydney winds attacked my freshly waxed hair. Anyone who puts product in their hair knows that it takes a few minutes to set and this has not happened when the wind chose to attack my crown of black. Re-arranged it in the safety of a windless hallway and proceeded to Chatswood…

The drive was more pleasant than I expected (read this for an example of an UNPLEASANT drive) and I managed to park (with the help of carspace computer systems) with minimal hassle. We went to Kam Fook and had a meal of a time! We then walked around the shopping centre and went over to Chatswood Chase to idle the time away. It seems like everything is on sale yet no one’s buying anything. I bought Captivating, Evolution vs. Intelligent Designs and a AUD1 soft toy! Got a message saying my other eBay purchase arrived home. Great! Nothing like giving yourself presents!

After Chatswood we headed to Birkenhead Point to check out more petshops and stuff. I bought a Men vs. Woman jokebook for AUD4 and reinforced my human stereotypes in the form of visual, audio and kinesthetic in a book that I thumbed through but not buy.

We wanted to go to Ikea after this and proceeded to Paramatta Road. The jam was long, the weather was hot and my tank was empty. We headed to Glebe instead. After glasses of blended drinks, I headed to Bi-Lo; bought some steaks and corn to cook and finished the mall trip off with the purchase of the January 2009 National Geographic magazine. I then dropped Andrew off to get Clem’s and nearly got into an accident (not my fault, Andrew can attest to that as ‘his life flashed before his eyes’) but did dent my car a little bit at Broadway a few hours before… GAH!!! Damn Sydney wind!

Anyway, got home, searched for a couple of things online, marinated my meats, steamed the corn and cooked the steak on low heat 3 minutes on each side. It was (medium rare) perfect! I think not freezing and thawing your meat makes a huge difference! One, the marinade seeps into the meat faster and deeper and two, it just cooks better.

Topped the meal off with some ice water and a final check on the fish before hibernating in my room. Think I’m gonna get a glass of orange juice on ice now, fire up the Skype for the gf and then finish off the night with a good book or some good jokes…

Tomorrow these activities are still up in the air…
1) Exercise a new marketing idea I have
2) Visit the Sydney Museum
3) Visit the Australian Museum
4) Take pictures of the crowds heading out to Big Day Out
5) Set up a plant only tank

Heck I just might have time to do ALL of them…

Till tomorrow!

God bless!


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Oh no…Bovin needs to be bandaged…

Hey can you take cool photos of youths during big day out? i can use it to decorate my report i’m doing for client please..coz its on youths..=D

You seem to be so free…ahhh i miss feeling that way =D

Comment by JC

ahha yeh such a good life…i wana go to this museum opposite hyde park or something..u know tht place?

Comment by esthery

JC > yeah, its like about 3/4 long and about 2mm deep but still its annoying enough to be seen… darn… cool photos of youths ah? i see how? lOlz

lOl free hey? hmmm… :P! i am busy THINKING ok… haha 😛

Esther > yeah its called the Australian Museum…… 😀

Comment by K.Lo

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