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Seven Pounds: A Review
30 January, 2009, 6:02 pm
Filed under: Movies

It was alright but not fantastic you know… The story is borderline arthouse… Scenes fast, quick and fleeting… Here and there, everywhere…

Watch it when you want to feel distressed… Gah!

‘Official’ review here

God bless!


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klo hv u heard of the movie fireproof? do u know if it’s out? ;p oh btw, hv u read the book “life of pi”? ;p

Comment by esthery

fireproof no, life of pi yes…y leh? 🙂

Comment by K.Lo

ooo u hv? haha it’s nice yeh? i’m just starting to read friend’s..think i’m gona go get one for myself..and oh fireproof is out i can watch..aahah

Comment by esthery

its awesome!
what is fireproof??? famous wan ah? i dunno about it leh… lOl

Comment by K.Lo

dont think it’s famous..saw the trailer few months back..somehow thought it might be good..i think it’s a christian one..

Comment by esthery

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