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Mood Swings?
5 March, 2009, 8:20 am
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I’ve been having a lot of mood swings as of late… I don’t know if its because of my own frustration of where I am at my age or just plain things that I cannot change. Work has been increasingly busy and because of that we can’t afford that much attention to one particular customer at a given time. This has caused some customers to go ballistic at the slightest mistake and in turn, it affects my perspective as well. Most of the time I’m OK with it after a while but I just wonder how much more I could take. There are some really ignorant, petty and not to mention rude people out there who do not understand what life in a high volume store is like and expect things to be like their owner-run suburban cafe…

But having said that, I like my job, 98% of the people who come through are genuinely wonderful but funny how the 2% will ALWAYS get to you. I’ve come to forge good ties with some of my customers and the most common event are hearing updates of a pregnancy, sport updates, concert updates, study updates… It almost always never fails to amaze me how open people can be in a conducive environment…

Which brings me to discussion in connect group this past week. Just attended Josh’s CG (as part of my attempt at the move to FrontLine) for the first time and being in a mostly working young adult group, it is relevant, in-depth, practical, intelligent and very Godly all at the same time. Just what I need! We discussed how if we could love everyone in the world. I said a resounding yes because I said loving someone doesn’t mean you have to be nice to them (like Jesus upturning the traders’ tables in the temple). But someone else said if he holds his standards to the 1 Corinthians 13 standard, he might not even be able to love his wife because the standard is just so high.

But I still procure to the notion that people can love everyone. Love is a decision, not necessarily just an emotion. And there is tough love, where you love the person so much you can look beyond them and see their future. Molding them and chastising them until their reach their full potential. And even if people wrong you, you can love them because loving your enemies is like heaping coal on their head right?

Like my boss always say, “Kill them with kindness”… Or what about this one “love them to perfection”?

Ey ey? Haha!

It’s good to be able to pour out my thoughts like this…

The sun is shining today and I have a full day of fun ahead with the sis and the housemate! Ikea and Bondi here we come!!! (Oh but I haven’t told them about the Bondi part yet haha!)

God bless!


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mood swing much – pms or wat!?!?

Comment by ndrew10

ey ey = esther yap esther yap? haha

Comment by esthery

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