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The Night I’ll Never Forget…
11 March, 2009, 4:47 pm
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had absolutely no dramas tonight… none whatsoever… Zilch! Nil! *yawn*.via Twitter 10:05pm

quiet night did I say? dealt with police n firemen at 340am… oh my!via Twitter 5:06am

just got home… I take back my proclamation of a quiet night two updates ago… Oh my goodness! 7:56am

That’s how it all started and ended… My three Twitter/Facebook updates in the span of less than 12 hours…

I finished work on Friday night, closed the shop and scooted into the night keen to spend the night resting as much as I could for what would be our traditionally busiest day of the year, Mardi Gras.

I got a phone call at 3:30AM.

It was from an unidentified number so I though oh OK, looks like my Dad forgot the three hour difference again! I didn’t answer the call, again forcing myself back to sleep in prep for the busy day ahead. The second time I got the call, I was a little bit worried. What now? Maybe Mom’s in the hospital? We got a health scare from her couple months back so I answered the call..

It was a male with an Australian accent. He identified himself as the police and that a car has crashed through my store. I asked ‘So the glass is broken?’ He told me ‘the whole thing fell down’. He asked for other people he could contact. I gave him the numbers as accurately as I could, my hands already trembling with the news I’ve heard. He said he’ll give them a call and if no one could come, I would have to go to the store to be a representative.

He called back 5 minutes later, I’ve got to go to the store. Anticipating insurance needs and a possible one stretching to to two hour trip, I packed my camera, wore presentable clothes and put on a cap. My mind was racing… The whole thing fell down? How long will it take to fix? A month? What would I do then? Paid leave? Unpaid leave? What if they decide to shut the store indefinitely? Will I lose my job?

I was definitely shaken and scared and tried to contact as many relevant people as possible. I got into my car and found out that one of my headlights wasn’t working. Oh great!

As I reached the halfway mark, I see blue and red lights behind my car. GREAT! Just what I need! I pulled over, rolled down my windows, grabbed my FRESHLY PASSED NSW Drivers’ Licence out of my wallet and turned my head so that I could have a good look at this policeman. He asked me have I been drinking I said no. He said where I was going, I was like work and I proceeded to tell him that a car’s crashed through my store. He said which one, I told him the location. He took one last look at my licence and let me go. I’m sure I was more important than a RBT (random breath test) at that particular moment! And I’m pretty sure he would have heard about the crash on his radio!

So I proceeded to find parking around the store and since it was gonna be Mardi Gras, a lot of the street parking are going to be clearways by 7am.

I walked to the store, crossed the police line and saw the damage… Water was everywhere, broken glass littered the street and the store and the debris and furniture of the accident was pushed IN to the store… Chairs were piled up and the debris, the brick wall that has collapsed was the scary part. There was no structural damage, the car seems to have careened into the glass wall just between two metal pillars. I reckon that if it did hit the metal pillars, the damage would have been considerably worse!

The driver was seriously injured and to see car doors in a coffee shop is just not natural. A self-made CD labelled Compilation #4 or something or rather was on the condiment bar. There was no blood on the cafe floor though, most probably washed away by the ruptured fire hydrant. My boss arrived after a while, there was a whole ‘nutha story regarding how she found out but its probably too personal for this blog… Not my story to tell…

Anyway, yeah, so the food man came and we had ordered a million food in preparation for Mardi Gras and the question boiled down to trade or not to trade. After a few hoohas and disappointed phone calls, we decided to trade and block off the area. It looked like a museum with the pile of debris on exhibition and the area cordoned off with black and yellow waist-high retractable fences. Sure customers had curious looks and we were all over the radio and online news.

A glass company was called in and the place was boarded up by 12pm. Our big bosses also came and managed to clear the debris away by 4 or 5pm and by that time, you couldn’t even tell what had happened barely 12 hours ago.

I thought that tradies and cleaners would have taken their own sweet time but I’m surprised, relieved and impressed that with a little help from people high up and with enough motivation, things seem to mysteriously happen VERY quickly.

Here’s to a night I will never forget…

God bless!


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WOW!!! what a story!! Are u allowed to put up any pics here?? πŸ˜€

Comment by Nydia

mmm probably not la… hehe
i’ll show u when u come for Colour!!! πŸ˜€

Comment by K.Lo

ok ok πŸ˜€ hey… is Hillsong recording that weekend too? Darrel and I were thinking of staying till Monday to catch up with u guys πŸ˜€

Comment by Nydia

yes nydz, it’s tht weekend!!!!!!! 29th march..u coming conf 1??

Comment by esthery

yes yes esther.. Attending conference 1 πŸ˜€
Haven’t booked my flight yet tho… that darrel lar!! wanna come along too but cannot get leave… :p

but yar! i’m coming for sure πŸ™‚

*so sorry klo… spaming ur blog with our chats :p

Comment by Nydia

yay i so wana catch up with u nydz…
i’ve got tics to melb and back during easter break but i don’t think i can make it anymore cuz got field trip 😦 so this time must meet at least for a meal!!!

Comment by esthery

Gosh that must have been an interesting experience!!

Comment by lionel

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