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The Unveiling…
25 March, 2009, 10:47 am
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So my ‘old’ phone died… It’s not really old, its just how shall we call it, my ex-phone, cause it’s died right. I would turn it on and then it will load for a while and then streaks of white lines will appear. And since its a slide out phone, I concurred that the ribbon which connects the LCD screen to the main body is somewhat loopy, cranky, loose, dysfunctional… Anyway, its under warranty and we’ll deal with that later.

So having being addicted to on the go Wi-Fi and checking emails, I just couldn’t imagine myself going back to 2G phones… PLUS I wanted, no, NEEDED a touch screen. Its just too intuitive to give up and going back to a Sony Ericcson k750i style of joystick just wouldn’t do it. So I narrowed down my choices to a few phones…

The Blackberry Bold… The HTC Dream… and the Apple iPhone.

First up, was the HTC, it is a brand new phone on a brand new platform, the Google Android, so like hello? Alarm bells, cow bells ringing too… New phone? New platform? Na-ah, PLUS its HTC. Bad experience with HTC. BAD!!! So the HTC Dream option evaporates…

The Blackberry Bold/Storm. The Blackberry Bold has no touch screen so I’m seriously not prepared to divulge into it… It’s just so 2008… 😛 And truth be told, its fugly!

And then there came along yet ANOTHER option, the Samsung Omnia… This was a no brainer, I just hate Samsung handphones… 😀

And lastly there was the Holy Grail of phones… Something which had all I wanted (well, sort of)… Beauty, elegance, a mega touch screen, nonsense Apps… The only one thing that’s disappointing was the lack of a physical keyboard… Something which literally had me glued to my HTC TyTn II! It was SO easy to type stuff out!!!

So with all these factors to consider… I had to make a decision… My LG Shine was just testing my patience by the HOUR!

And then I did it…

I took the plunge…

And it was beautiful…

I still can’t type as fast on it as I could on the HTC TyTn II but the graphics, the elegance, the Apps, the connectivity (syncability?) and the speed of the phone almost makes up for it…

It truly is a NEW phone… The platform, the swiping, the zooming in and out… It’s just so intuitive… So… human…


God bless!


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U just hurt me badly with this topic


Comment by Chin*ae

haha u wait Chin na…

yours is coming na!!!! 😀

Comment by K.Lo


Comment by JC

haha Apple fan heart attack liao… lOl

Comment by K.Lo

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