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Confessions of A Shopaholic: A Review
6 April, 2009, 12:00 pm
Filed under: Movies, Video

Link to ‘official’ review HERE.

Oh gosh I kinda liked this movie… SokLeng told me I wouldn’t fall asleep watching it but she didn’t tell me why…

Turns out the shopaholic is a journalist in New York City… Oh my goodness… What I would do to be there…

Anyway, dreams aside this movie is good… Funny, little witty, typical ‘romantic’ comedy minus the sex and the adultness. Well, it WAS adapted from a novel for teens…

And Isla Fisher (Rebecca Bloomwood the Shopaholic) grew up in Perth! Amazing how people can change accents at the drop of a hat…

Which reminds me of this YouTube video I got from ATan yesterday… If you are SG-ian or well-versed in the SG culture, look out for her amazing adaptation of a SPG’s ACCENT!!! Gosh I hate that accent…

God bless!


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thats how a spg talk meh?
never hear before

Comment by marvo

uiks! me rike tis mooooovie too! muahahaha! Her boss is sooo darn adorable and sweet! *slurp!*

Comment by m@rs

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