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090407 – Today
7 April, 2009, 11:15 pm
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Had Connect Group tonight and I always feel good after Connect Group. It feels good encouraging people, listening to people and introducing new belief systems and change into people’s lives. Its cause when you teach and minister that you get taught and ministered to at the same time. If you don’t give, you don’t receive. And when you are using your words to explain and strengthen someone else, guess who hears it the loudest? Yes, its yourself.

I feel like a lot of people are getting on my nerves nowadays. Usually younger people. Younger as in age. But I know of some young people who are mature.

Maybe I’ll rephrase it, immature people are getting on my nerves. Of course there are adults who are immature.

Let’s dissect this (by the way, this wasn’t what we discussed in Connect Group); what immaturity looks like…
1. The world revolves around you, you and you.
2. You have no sense of others. Seriously.
3. You have no sense of right and wrong.
4. You are impatient (Priorities upside down).
5. And you do not share.
6. You do not communicate well.

Sounds like Cubbyhouse on the weekend! Its OK if you are 0-2 and act immature cause you ARE immature. But what really irks me is when young adults act immature.

What is the cure?

But back to CG, we talked about having ‘No Excuses’ today! Woohuh! It was pretty good I reckon and it always amazes me how the Holy Spirit just reminds me of timely and relevant bible verses and truths that I can encourage and minister my group with. Thank you God!

God bless!


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yay! so good..i love cgs too..indeed, i hear myself the loudest!!
tdy is a busy day, but good break with ur blog post in between! cya soon!

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