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Movie Reviews!
3 June, 2009, 12:54 pm
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Caught these two movies (“Angels and Demons” and “Night At The Museum 2“) with the girlfriend in Singapore and of course I’ll do two things at once. Enjoy the time AND review the movie 😀

I wrote the review standing up on the MRT too! But that was when I was alone though; FACE time trumps PHONE time ANYTIME! Some people annoyingly do not follow this rule but ah-ah-ah, I’m on a no complaint campaign for myself. Everytime I sense that I’m on a complaint rampage I remind myself complaining is actually negativity. And negativity is NOT good!!! Like attracts like. Negativity attracts negativity so… Positivity attracts positivity! And guess what successful people are? Yup, anything BUT negative!

Anyway, I’ll blog about stuff soon… My hard disk’s still in the shop and I’m still deciding whether to go ahead with the AUD500 repair or not. It has my pictures from my holiday last month.

Hmmm… between Twitter, Facebook, and this blog, (and an up and coming website); I think this blog will slowly grow extinct. Ah ah ah! (Get behind me negative thought) Maybe I’ll lock this blog with a password or something… Cause most of my overseas friends are on Facebook anyway and the purpose of this blog WAS to service them. But with Facebook, this has been INSTANT. And a lot of things I think about these days are DOING things and not neccessarily THINKING things you know what I mean?

If I think about, I’ll just do it and the results will speak for itself.

But I guess there’s always time for thinking and reflecting and RECORDING my life. My sweet twenty-somethings… Haha!

I guess I’m rethinking the purpose of this blog for the time being. Maybe it’s meant for EXACTLY like rants like this… haha!

Till our next meeting!

God bless!


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