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Thoughts of the Night…
11 June, 2009, 11:20 pm
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I was thinking about my mom tonight; not least due to the fact that she was sitting right in front me during our ramen dinner in Crowes Nest.

She’s not a CEO of a multinational company.

She’s not a business owner.

She doesn’t even own her own car or house (Well, she does but that doesn’t really fit into this entry; so for all intents and purposes, she doesn’t own anything substantial).

She’s not a go-getter; she’s definitely not a career woman.

Her relationships with her friends are not awesome, nor are they great. In fact, they are dismal, distant, indifferent. Sometimes even bordering negative (e.g. I do not want to hang out with my so-called friends).

She does not have a hobby nor is she passionate about anything in particular.

She cooks well, but nothing a person with a few extra cookbooks cannot outdo.

She’s not getting prettier with age. Her hair is a nice brown and cropped neat and short though. Definitely a chic and modern look to it.

She’s got style for one, and a pretty tall figure (for a lady of Asian persuasion).

She knows her brands but swing by a few Ksubi or Sass & Bide or Camilla Marc and she can only manage to exude a blank look.

But one thing she’s got that I think by far sets her apart from other women her age. She’s got my sister and me. I will never ever forget how she sacrificed her youth, her career, her passions and her hobbies for us. To pick us up diligently from school every day. To cook for us, to clean for us. She even learnt driving for our sake! How does one FEEL like picking up her children every day? Definitely her own feelings are buried so deep down that she lets responsibility boil up and her feelings decrease.

Friends? Don’t even think about it. My children come first. I have to make sure they succeed, be the person I could never be. A better life, a life which they can choose and contribute to society…

Everytime I go out with my mom I think of all these things…

Now both my sister and I are ‘grown-up’ we feel things and we can voice our opinions but sometimes, we cannot. I cannot. I think of all the things my mother has sacrificed for me and I can’t help but buy her dinner or buy her that dress she longingly looks at in the shops. Sure she nags and she brings up stuff that annoys me but wasn’t I annoying when I wasn’t at the designate spot at the corner of school where she was supposed to pick me up? Wasn’t I annoying when I was sick; bed-ridden, had to be cared for? Was I annoying then? And what did she do?

She didn’t raise her voice, she didn’t complain, she didn’t said no. All she did was look into my eyes with compassion and say, “It’s OK, Son… Mom’s here for you…”

I hope this has opened your eyes to the way we treat those most important to ourselves.

God bless!


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impacting lives, or what! 😀

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