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Two Things
14 June, 2009, 11:27 pm
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So OK, two things I’ve learnt in the 5pm service tonight. Worship is way too loud and if you want to tell me your name, the least you could do is make sure I can hear you.

No, just joking!

OK, so Robert Barriger preached up a storm tonight as part of the ‘6 Hot Weekends’ leading to Conference. Biju Thampy preached last Sunday, complete with a bad back which he just had surgery on this past Friday. The thing about these two men is that they are the true blue harvesters. They have their hands to the soil and toil and are out in the world saving people. Biju in the slums of Mumbai and Robert in Lima, Peru. They are changing the world by feeding the poor, channeling resources to them and saving under privileged human beings from the evil grasp of other human beings. Saving girls from prostitution seem to be a recurring theme in poor places; its easy to sell a girls’ rights, dignity and body for a couple of cents. What you are selling is her soul, her sanity, her self-respect, her health. I cannot even start to imagine what these girls go through!

Robert and Biju are fine examples of what the church should look like. We are to fight for the voiceless and hold high the honour and right of every single human being on Earth; regardless of race, religion and social background. This is how inclusiveness looks like in John 3:16… For God so loved the WORLD…

But anyway, two things I’ve learnt today.

1. Jesus is not the Jesus in the Bible anymore.
When Jesus was on Earth, He came as a baby in the manger, performed miracles, walked on water, got betrayed and was brutally nailed and punished on the cross. But He resurrected and in Revelation (which is not a book about the end times but rather a revelation of the NOW Jesus Christ) is portrayed as the Lion of Judah, no more the sacrificial Lamb of God. He is portrayed with fire in His eyes, glowing and with a double edged sword in His hand. The nails on the Cross are gone, His scars are healed; glorified even. This is the Jesus of today; this moment; until the day He comes. He seats on the right hand of the Father, interceding for us. This hero, this superhero, this God.

2. There is a ‘behind the scenes’ in our everyday life.
I invite you to take a look at Revelation 12. This is indeed what happened ‘behind the scenes’ of Jesus’ birth. There is a very real spiritual war going on in our everyday lives. The more the Devil can distract our minds from it, the better it is for him. We pray less, we get disillusioned and out of focus and stray away from the paths that will strengthen angels and in the process might weaken them. The less humans are aware of the spiritual realm the better it is. That’s why a lot of people want to say they are atheist. As long as the Devil can make you believe there is no spiritual realm, he has succeeded. He does not necessarily need people to believe he exists.

But this is a futile war, the Devil wages it so that he can bring as many people down as possible. Wreak as much havoc on the creation of God as much as possible; hurt people, destroy lives, incinerate hopes and dreams. But his time is short and he is in fury (Revelation 12:12).

A lot of times we get so caught up in church and life and connect group and Bible study and serving and all good ‘Christian’ things that we forgot that there’s always a ‘behind the scenes’ happening. I don’t think that we are meant to see what goes on in the ‘studio’ this side of the television but just to choose what we watch and what we do very very carefully.

I am again reminded tonight that how we live the dot of our lives determine our line of ETERNITY…

Your life –> .
Eternity–> _________________________________________________ Forever & ever & ever

God bless!


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this is why the blog should not grow extinct however infrequent your updates will be.

Comment by e

Wow klo you do listen in church! Haha no, jokes jokes, message was really good And you should keep blogging This would be too long for twitter

Comment by Gi

inspiring. truly.

Comment by cath

e n G > thanx for your encouragement!

Cath > woohuh! let’s keep spurring each other on!

Comment by K.Lo

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Comment by Pharmc261

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